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  • How We Work

    XITO Capital Partners is a team of professionals whom collectively have over 80 years of experience in finance, research, acquisitions and divestitures, and operations across the energy, engineering, construction, industrials, technology and a wide range of other industries. With offices in Calgary and Toronto; XITO Capital Partners seeks acquisitions of companies:

  • You are a company

    • With a competitive advantage and defensible service offering;
    • That require additional management expertise to capitalize on identifiable growth opportunities;
    • Seeking to divest a non-core business;
  • Financial Attributes

    • With a history of positive cash flow generation;
    • With a healthy and sustainable EBIT margins;
  • Vendor Attributes

    • With motivated sellers for non-business reasons;
    • With vendors seeking a reduced role in the business, liquidity and/or exit;
    • and reasonable valuation expectations;

We Believe

    • Providing a Succession Solution

      We believe that profitable, well-established, family-owned or closely held businesses with strong cash flows operating in our target sectors. In particular those where no succession plan exists for current owners – present an attractive opportunity to create value and to build a lasting sustainable business.
      We provide a succession solution to take the companies we acquire to the next level.

    • Long-Term Value Creation

      We believe XITO Capital Partners’ acquisition experience, deep industry knowledge, operational experience and network of relationships provides a distinct advantage in identifying attractive businesses with the potential to generate superior returns. Implementing a combined strategy of acquiring and organically growing businesses with these aforementioned characteristics will provide the opportunity for long-term value creation for our financial partners.

Experience Matters

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